Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Pulling Teeth

This week's Twighlight zone UK story is this . Dental patients now pulling their own teeth for want of an NHS dentist. So the NHS system has now failed in completion. So if we pay for a service and it is not there when we need it, why do we still pay for it? Well, we know very well what happens when you do not pay. People have too much to lose to take the state on even when they are forced to perform surgery on themselves.

It is said that non-participation in democratic affairs is due to apathy. Not surprising given that if you approach a like minded MP over a matter of national urgency such as The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill, you get the interested but sympathetic brush off. In this case Philip Davies MP and other cases, such as the Snatch Landrover debate, Marsha Singh or rather his disinterested assistant, offers his displeasure at the tone of my emails and "feels my comments to be gratuitous". I asked him tell that to Susan Smith. Alas no reply.

But it is not apathy that lets politicians get away with it. It is pure selfishness. Would I really have lifted a finger were I not staring down the proverbial barrel of the state shotgun? Probably not. Do people give a damn that soldiers die in battle because of poor choices made my worse politicians? No. Why? because it does not affect them directly. Does someone in a cushy council job care that their wage is paid by threat of violence and dispossession? Nope.

Not until everyone feels the consequences of this increasingly authoritarian and kleptocratic government will there be any significant change. But that is unlikely. They chip away bit by bit, the noose slowly tightening until we all realise what has happened long past the time to act.

In many cases I wish I never bothered to pass my driving test because I am now the number one target for taxes and state harassment. As an evil polluter, as they have made me out to be, a terrorizer of children for driving over 30mph where it is safe to do so, I am likely to receive no moral support from an increasingly cowardly public who have neither the brains to see or the courage to fight. And that is exactly why they will win. Demonize then harass at our expense. That is how it's done.

Meanwhile we are looking at an epidemic of dead bailiffs on the doorstep if this actually goes through. When people feel more threatened by their government than they do the "criminals" people will start arming themselves with or without the influence of Radio 1 hip-hop DJ's.

So we have crap public services, Islamic fundamentalism running rife, thuggish and violent officials who practice extortion and authorities that will pull down your extension if not inspected and approved, far left propaganda on state TV designed to provoke anti-semitism and more than a third of people dependant on aid payments and now a population that feels the best way to stay free is to get armed to the teeth. Did I move to Gaza?

Sometimes I wonder if those nutters they find living in bedsits, armed to the teeth with stacks of BNP propaganda in the corner of the room know something we don't. Given that every time a state official comes to my house it costs me hundreds of pounds, one time because I replaced my kitchen roof, I am inclined to gut like a fish, the next spineless creature to slither up to my door.