Friday, 28 September 2007

Too little, too late and I still don't trust him

I hate to begin a blog post with the words "The Telegraph reports today..." but there it is.

The Telegraph (disgusting spun rag that it is) reports today that the Tories are to return to traditional tory values by decree of the Boy King. The headline brought a smile and my immediate thoughts were "he-he, we won". We as in all of us who answered the Conservative Home questionnaire and marked Cameron down. We as in those who wasted our time responding to the "Have your say" sections on the Telegraph and repeatedly bombarded the comments on Tory Diary with our dissatisfaction at Cameron's "ideas". Finally, his media spiv focus groups have woken up to the fact there is a debate going on without them.

So we got what we shouted for. A Conservative Party leader who campaigns on Conservative values. If it's true. But this does raise some serious questions as to whether we can trust the Tories. A question which has plagued the Tories since 1997. What everyone is thinking is "So much for conviction politics". Blair went whichever way the wind blows and the last thing we want or need is another Prime minister who chases popularity.

It is for this reason I'd wager the Tories are being hammered in the polls. Not only has Cameron turned his back on Conservatives, he has also turned his back on those he has been wooing for the last year at least. So what has it all been for?

However, we now have it set in stone that Cameron has no conviction and cannot be trusted. He was arrogant to ignore what we were saying and now he's been forced to admit he was utterly wrong for the sake of the party. All good lessons. But a little late in the game for such epiphanies.

Two years ago might have been helpful. Now it's just treading water so that the next election defeat will not be the catastrophe many Tories expect it to be.
The Cameron project has been an utter waste of time. Whichever way we look at it we still have another five years of socialism to suffer.

One can only hope the Tories will choose wisely next time and that there is still a real Conservative in their ranks who will step up to the plate when the time comes.